What JKI Does

Highest Quality Engineered Systems - Capitalizing on Tier 1 electronic equipment manufacturers, engineered for your application and classification. JKI products are rugged, durable,
and intrinsically safe, for onshore, offshore, domestic and overseas, as required for your company.

Real Solutions to the Drilling Industry

We offer solutions to our customers to comply with different norms and classifications mandated by both national and international regulations.


Our service is focused on implementing a Safety System for Drilling Rigs that include:

  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • Gas and Flame Detection Systems
  • Man Overboard
  • Abandon Rig Stations
  • SCR Solutions
  • Both in interior and exterior we offer top quality products and service.
  • All with real time Data Transmission, in compliance with Pemex‚Äôs NRF-210 and many others




Customized to fit your Rig...

But most important, to fit your Budget. We build to fit out on the field, reducing the installation time to get your rig on pay roll as soon as possible.